We are so glad that you are part of our community that strives to be the best. The following rules of engagement are designed to foster an atmosphere of respect for each other, our surroundings and to ensure safety. Thank you in advance for adhering to these and being a part of LPF.

  1. Punctuality: If you are “on time” for your class, then you are late. Please respect your body and your coaches by showing up at least 10-15 minutes early to stretch & warm-up before your class begins. One of the main causes of injury is NOT warming up before your workout.
  2. Gym Access: LPF asks that you do not hang-out on the gym floor during an active workout. Note: There are NO children allowed on the gym floor during an active workout, nor are they allowed to play on the fitness equipment or sit at the front desk at any time! Parents, please understand that CrossFit LPF is not responsible for the safety of your children. Please bring games, books and toys to entertain them while you work out. Childcare is your responsibility.
  3. Parking: As per our landlord, we ask all athletes to park in the back of the plaza (warehouse side). There is simply not enough parking in the front of the building.
  4. Exercises: Help us to help you by learning the names and forms of foundational exercises. Beginner classes and Open Gym times are the perfect occasion to learn, practice, and master the movements that will help you excel in our program. NOTE: Our main classes are not private sessions. Our goal is to move through the demos as quickly as possible to ensure that you have time to get the most out of your workout. That being said, please know that we will always give you as much individual attention as we possibly can during your workout.
  5. Cheering Section: During class, encouragement is good but chatter is distracting (especially if your coach is speaking). If you are able to hold a full conversation while you are working out, then you are not getting the workout’s full benefit.
  6. Community: LPF is NOT just a gym it’s a community. Reach out to your fellow athletes (especially the NEW ones), cheer them on, encourage them, and help one another clean up. Set an example by training hard and setting new personal records often.
  7. Honor System: LPF is an “integrity” driven gym. NO CHEATING on your form, reps or weight!
  8. Gym Equipment: Respect yourself, the gym (equipment) and your fellow athletes by controlling your weight(s). Please do not drop empty barbells (or any other equipment).
  9. Cleanliness: Please keep OUR gym clean! Wipe down your mats, work area and equipment after your workout.
  10. Be positive: Your body responds to ALL kinds of energy levels. Always come to class ready for hard work and lots of fun regardless of the workout.  Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses, and therefore each athlete needs training in all aspects of fitness. Embrace your weaknesses and strive to overcome them.
  11. HAVE FUN!