IMG_7997CrossFit LPF is not your typical CrossFit gym. Our in-door, outdoor program offers a variety of Strength & Conditioning workouts to provide you the best possible results on a daily basis. Through group (functional) fitness classes, we offer every athlete the opportunity in areas like Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells, Free Weights, Gymnastics, Running, Rowing, and so much more.

All fitness levels are welcome. With experienced and encouraging coaches, a camaraderie driven atmosphere (125+ members), a flexible class schedule, and classes capped at 16 athletes, our program meets the personal needs of anyone wanting to become more fit.

Constantly varied workouts, with an emphasis on functional movements, performed at a high intensity will produce the fitness results all of our athletes are looking for. We program with a purpose! LPF’s coaches are dedicated to our athletes and passionate about fitness. We place a high value on technique and safety, and are always researching, studying and applying the most effective ways to reach GPP (general physical preparedness).